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As well as unblocking your favorite websites, Total VPN keeps you totally safe online

Protect Your Privacy & Personal Information

Completely hide your IP, location and personal information.


Secure Encryption

Stay safe from Governments, hackers and snoopers our connection is encrypted and secure.

Zero Monitoring

We believe in your right to privacy, we don’t keep logs of your browsing history.


Avoid Tracking

By hiding your IP and location, we make it harder for third parties to track you online.

Public WI-FI Protection

Airports, coffee shops... use Total VPN anywhere to protect yourself on public WI-FI networks.

Total VPN Provides Total Online Protection

Keep you safe from Hackers, Snoopers and the Government.


Total VPN gives you an extra layer of security against hackers.


By hiding your IP, we keep your Internet activity anonymous and private.


We keep your Internet browsing private and anonymous.