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Encrypt Your Internet Browsing

VPN encrypts your browsing and hides your online activities from others. It’s like wearing an invisibility cloak online! This keeps your personal information safe from hackers and snoops who may try to spy on you.

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Extra Protection on Public Wi-Fi

On public Wi-Fi, like in cafes or airports, it’s easy for others to see what you’re doing online. But with VPN, it’s like having a secret code that scrambles your online activities, making it difficult for other to understand. It keeps your personal information, like passwords and bank details, safe from prying eyes.

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Access Geo-Restricted Websites and Content

Some content may be restricted in certain countries. Using VPN will allow you access to your favourite websites wherever you are. Get around government or employer blocks and stream content thats’s normally unavailable in your country.

Multi-Device Protection as Standard

Whether you have a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, we have you covered. Safe browsing (VPN) is accessible via all our applications so whatever device you are using you can keep your connection secure.

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50+ Superfast Servers

Connecting to a server in anther country could open up your web browsing to a ton of websites that are usually blocked in your home country.


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